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Facebook/Instagram Ad Management

You’re scrolling through Facebook as one of its active 2.41 billion users and you see an ad for something. You might tap it and buy whatever it is. Or you might keep scrolling…but months later you’re in need of some widget and you remember seeing the exact widget you need from an ad that you saw! You end up finding it again and, this time, buying it.

That is the power of paid Facebook advertising. It puts your products or services in front of people who would be interested in it. Sometimes they want it now, and sometimes they want it later but they remember who sold it.

The targeting and retargeting abilities of Facebook are incredible. Hitting the “Boost” button is not what we’re talking about here. While it has its place and purpose, using your Ad Manager to craft the ideal ad is a powerful tool. 

The neat thing is that since Facebook owns Instagram, the same tool can be used for both platforms!

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